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Perspective Co., Ltd informs you of launch of "tebra" Standard, focusing on the data conversion of wholesaler
drug sales information for pharmaceutical companies 
A group of experts who are specialized in life science industry is now renewing a cloud service of data processing, management, and analysis of wholesaler drug sales information.

Perspective Co., Ltd. (Based at Tokyo, with Hiroki Nishitani as President and CEO, Tel: +81-3-3221-6990: "Perspective" hereafter) announced to renew their service called "tebra", data conversion service for wholesaler drug sales information. With this renewal, Pharmaceutical companies can choose the optimum service according to their environment and their needs. The second release of this renewal is a “tebra Standard” to be released in July, 2015, providing full-fledge functions to manage wholesaler drug sales data.
Wholesaler drug sales information is one of major and important information for pharmaceutical companies at the timing of various decision makings of sales strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Pharmaceutical companies have spent a large amount of investment and efforts, and have developed and operated their own systems to fully utilize wholesaler drug sales information from Value Added Network (VAN) for the Pharmaceutical industry, such as JD-NET and NHI net*.
* JD-NET (Japan Drug NETwork) and NHI net are EDI systems in Japan to exchange business data among pharmaceutical and wholesaler companies such as sales orders.
Perspective released tebra service in May 2010 by monthly charge using their project experiences and knowledge. tebra uses a cloud environment, and offers the common functions which pharmaceutical companies have in their own unique systems.
This time, Perspective starts to launch “tebra Standard” by which clients will be able to manage wholesalers sales data in an efficient and effective way through the planned and actual sales management based on clients’ organization and through more sophisticated and detailed actual sales analysis on pharmacies and hospitals who prescribed drugs.
This service will support Pharmaceutical companies to improve both their balance sheet and their cash flow by reducing fixed assets and converting fixed cost to variable costs. Clients can strengthen their financial foundation and reinforce their business competitiveness through more value-added investment.

Summary of tebra service

"tebra" is our new service to implement data processing of wholesaler drug sales information in pharmaceutical industry in a cloud environment which enables to choose any functionalities in their preferable period of time.
Pharmaceutical companies have developed and have been operating their own systems for their wholesaler drug sales information. By utilizing our service, you can greatly reduce initial investment and maintenance cost of their information systems.

Summary of tebra Standard

tebra Standard is service with the functions a) to deal with data cleansing processes for wholesale sales data from JD-NET/NHI which uses different code scheme adopted by each wholesaler company and b) to manage the data by relating the actual sales to clients organization and by comparing them with the target sales.

Provides the full functions which are needed for data processing and management of wholesaler drug sales information with options to meet your additional needs

The master data for the data processing can be configured freely according to clients need and environment

  • Wholesaler master data: Clients can choose either a) their own master data or b) the common master data which Perspective offers
  • Master data for pharmacies and hospitals: Clients can choose either a) their own data or b) the Perspective original master data

Perspective original master data for pharmacies and hospitals

Perspective creates the data referring to the list of medical institutions Regional Bureau Health and Welfare publishes, and provides it as a master data for pharmacies and hospitals as an option

Key Data Field

Name of medical institutions, JIS prefecture code, JIS municipality code, postal code, address, address in Japanese kana, telephone number for each institution

* There are other data fields that you can choose to configure. You can also set your own data field for your management purposes (e.g. your target institutions flag)

Characteristics of tebra

tebra supports you to deal with business environment change in a timely manner
  • It takes 3 weeks at the fastest to start the service after clients' decision to use tebra
  • tebra provides more flexibility for unexpected changes such as sudden business expansion or an increase of data in a short period of time
tebra supports to hold down system investment and change it into variable costs
  • Initial investment for system development is not required and no local IT assets are needed
  • Cost or human resources for system maintenance are not required, allowing you to make appropriate IT investment according to the business scale, since the cost is charged based on the data volume which you request
tebra improves the quality and efficiency of the operations for Headquarters staff and those working for sales and marketing departments
  • It covers all necessary system functions based on our various project experiences at home and abroad
  • It improves the accuracy of actual sales data, enhances the quality of sales activities with better visibility, and supports you to transit to the value-added business operation by introducing a system in this area

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