Our consultants

Our consultants

Hiroki Nishitani

西谷 弘毅

President and CEO

He joined Japanese specialized trading company as a HQ staff member of a business unit for Information System for enterprise companies in charge of planning and starting new businesses. He was involved in a software license business, experiencing localization of oversea software products (RDBMS, Web application, etc.), marketing and developing sales channel of those products, creating its case studies, and developing solutions."
When he joined foreign Consulting Firm, he was assigned to Life Science and Pharmaceuticals Group, and was engaged in a broad range of projects, mainly in the area of IT strategy formulation and project planning, and of consultation for large scale projects, such as implementation of global ERP systems, development of data warehouse covering all clients' group companies, formulation of IT strategy and project plans for Enterprise System integration for the corporate merger, systems development for newly established companies, etc.
He also became a leader of Life Science CRM Group as a senior managing consultant.
He established Perspective Co., Ltd, in order to develop and provide continuous service to clients with more client oriented standpoint, and assumes presidency until now.

Takeshi Yaginuma

柳沼 剛


He started his career from information system department in one of major wholesaler companies in pharmaceutical industry, and experienced all system lifecycle from the system operation and maintenance to system development, design, and project planning. After that he joined a consulting firm, being involved in various projects of sales and marketing in pharmaceutical industry, and conducting the project management for all phases covering from project envisioning to system operation. His strength is in his experiences of all system lifecycles at the standpoints of both client/users and service providers.

Takeshi Nakada

中田 武志


After working for a major System Integrator, he joined Perspective Co., Ltd. via a consulting firm. He provided consultation mainly to clients in pharmaceutical industry. He has a wide range of project experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, such as ERP system projects from envisioning to system implementation, project management for system integration at the corporate mergers, and J-Sox compliance and Computerized System Validation(CSV) related projects covering from planning to evaluation.
After establishment of Perspective, Co. Ltd, he provides a wide range of consulting services to all the business of the pharmaceutical industry, such as start-up on its own Distribution & Sales Marketing business platform.

Yoshimasa Kumano

熊野 義政

Senior Manager

Joined Year/Month : Oct. 2006

He was involved in the area of sales and marketing in pharmaceutical industry, engaging himself in the formulation of sales and IT strategy, and envisioning of systems and its operation. Currently, he provides a wide range of consulting services to pharmaceutical industry as well as manages "tebra" implementation & service operation.

He specializes in the planning of sales and marketing system, project management, and operation support for IT department (including IT strategy formulation to budgeted and actual costs management) in pharmaceutical industry.

Isshin Yonemura

米村 一臣

Senior Manager

Joined Year/Month : Feb. 2007

He experienced a wide range of project phases from system requirement definition to development and implementation. At the beginning he experienced system programming and designing data model, then he provided the consulting services from business to system such as business process reengineering, system envisioning, and IT infrastructure and information security related projects. In recent years, he is using these experiences and providing the consulting services as an IT consultant of project management and PMO to various industries and business types.

His specialties include Project Management in system development, support for information security activities, and IT system envisioning and requirement definition.