Information Security Policy

We handle various type of informations such as corporate information, personal data when provide our seriveces.

These information are very important and essential for us to continue our business. Therefore, we consider that it is vital to protect theses information assets from any threats that could threaten our business.

Information security is absolutely imperative to operate our business, so that Perspective declares policy of information security as follows to manage information security management system.

  1. Take measures to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets are properly maintained. Protect systems and facilities so that our customers can use our services with security. In addition, prevent leaks of data such as customers, business partners, employees' personal information.
  2. Assign an information security manager and establish an information security committee consisting of members of each division to respond promptly to various issues.
  3. Keep on making effort to mitigate risk by adopting appropriate control measures not only by establishing standards in risk management but conducting risk assessment on any information, facilities and assets handled in our business.
  4. Enforce all employees to comply with laws and regulations, other norms and security requirements to be observed in business through education and training.
  5. Establish a process in which information security is maintained even if sudden incidents or exceptions or difficult situations that differ from normal conditions occur.

Established on January 1, 2016

Perspective Co., Ltd.

President & CEO Hiroki Nishitani