Personal information protection policy

We recognize the importance of personal information protection on conducting business activities. Accordingly we have established the Personal Information Protection Policy described below to ensure the protection of personal information:

1.Collection of personal information

Personal information shall be collected in the legitimate and fair manner. It shall be collected only after informing the clients of the purpose and obtaining consent for doing so.

2.Use of personal information

Collected personal information shall be used within the range of the purpose clarified at the collection, and as little information as necessary for the business activities. We may entrust personal information with authorized third party, and in all cases, we shall make necessary supervision or otherwise ensure, through a contract, etc. stipulating the level of protection to be observed, that the recipient manages the information properly.

3.Provision of personal information to the third parties

Collected personal information shall not be provided to third parties without prior express consent of the clients, except the cases below

  • Required by law and regulations
  • Required to secure the critical benefit such as the clients' life, health, their property, etc
  • Required to secure the public interests

4.Management of personal information

We shall make every effort to keep personal information in a correct and latest condition, and manage it securely. We shall take proper countermeasure for information security on unauthorized access, computer virus, etc in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, and the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc. of such information

5.Disclosure correction, discontinuance of use, and deletion of personal information

When a person himself/herself asked us to disclose, correct, stop the use or delete his/her personal information, we address in a reasonable period. We shall accommodate requests for disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, etc. of clients' personal information promptly within a reasonable scope.

6.Observance of Laws, Regulations and Other Norms Relating to Personal Information

We shall comply with laws and regulations applied for personal information, and maintain and improve appropriate information protection measurement.

April 1st 2006

Hiroki Nishitani, President & CEO

Perspective Co., Ltd.