tebra Service Menu

We offer you the following two services according to the level of usage for the wholesaler drug sales information.

For clients who only require to perceive sales data for each wholesaler organization.

For clients who desire to manage actual sales against your target objectives by relating to medical institutions (e.g. hospitals) and your own organization, as well as conduct analysis on actual sales according to each pharmacy and hospital.

Feature of tebra service

Service Menu Outline Feature
tebra Lite By utilizing the code scheme of each wholesaler, tebra Lite provides the functionalities focused on the data cleansing and data referencing to the wholesaler drug sales information retrieved from JD-NET and NHI net*.
  • Shorter time for implementation with reasonable monthly fee.
  • No need to maintain the master data of wholesalers as well as pharmacies and hospitals who prescribed drugs, which are needed for data processing.
    • Wholesaler master data: We will provide our wholesalers master data which are common across our clients.
    • Names of pharmacies and hospitals: tebra Lite will create it automatically with order and sales slips (as a basic function).
tebraStandard tebra Standard expands the scope the data cleansing functions of tebra Lite. In addition tebra Standard provides functions to manage the data by relating the actual sales to clients’ organization and by comparing them with the target sales objectives.
  • Provides the full functions which are needed for data processing and management of wholesaler drug sales information Offers options to meet your additional needs.
  • The master data for the data processing can be configured freely according to clients need and environment.
    • Wholesaler master data: Clients can choose either a) their own master data or b) the common master data which Perspective offers.
    • Master data for pharmacies and hospitals: Clients can choose either a) their own data or b) the Perspective original master data.

Comparison of tebra Lite and tebra Standards

System functionalities

Category Function tebra Lite tebra Standard
Data processing Data upload and download
Data cleansing of wholesaler drug sales data
Automatic creation of basic master data for pharmacies and hospitals  
Connecting with pharmacies and hospitals who prescribe drugs  
Exclusion of sales conducted among wholesalers  
Receiving wholesaler sales info
Optional Optional
Data cleansing of sales data for biological products   Optional
Data cleansing of wholesaler stock information   Optional
Master data maintenance Wholesaler master data maintenance  
Master data maintenance for pharmacies and hospitals (excludes adding new master data)
Product master data maintenance
Organization master data maintenance  
Maintenance of master data for the persons in charge for sales activities  
Target sales master data maintenance  
Sales objectives master data maintenance  
Reporting tebra reporting
(with basic BI functionalities )*1
Standard reporting   Optional
Customized reporting   Customization needed
Data exchange with other data sources Import of Ultmarc data   Optional
Data exchange with legacy systems   Customization needed

*1: BI: Business Intelligence
Optional: You can add them with some additional fees.
Customization needed: We will confirm your requirements and customize tebra with additional fees.

Master data offering

Category Function tebra Lite tebra Standard
Master data offering Wholesaler related master data (common across clients) *1
Pharmacies and hospitals related master data (Our original master data)   Optional *2

*1: You can configure it with either our wholesalers master data which are common across our clients or your master data.
*2: Master data for pharmacies and hospitals: You can configure it with either our original master data or your own.