Service Overview

"tebra" is our new service to implement data processing of wholesaler drug sales information in pharmaceutical industry in a cloud environment where our clients can choose any functionalities in their preferable period of time.

Pharmaceutical companies have developed and have been operating their own systems for their wholesaler drug sales information. By utilizing our service, our clients can greatly reduce initial investment and maintenance cost of their information systems.

Feature #

Supports to hold down system investment and change it into variable costs

  • Initial investment for system development is not required and no local IT assets are needed
  • Cost or human resources for system maintenance are not required, allowing you to make appropriate IT investment according to the business scale, since the cost is charged based on the data volume which you request

Feature #

Improves the quality and efficiency of the operations for Headquarters staff and those working for sales and marketing departments

  • tebra covers all necessary system functions based on our various project experiences at home and abroad
  • It improves the accuracy of actual sales data, enhances the quality of sales activities with better visibility, and supports you to transit to the value-added business operation by introducing a system in this area

Feature #

Supports you to deal with business environment change in a timely manner

  • It takes 3 weeks at the fastest to start the service after clients' decision to use tebra
  • tebra provides more flexibility for unexpected changes such as sudden business expansion or an increase of data in a short period of time